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Manhattan Museum Asia Society

Asia Society Museum The Asia Society Museum in New York City  belongs to the Asia Society, a non-profit organization devoted to educating the world about Asian culture, society, and major events. The museum opened in 2001 and located at the Asia Society’s headquarters in Uptown Manhattan. The Asia Society Museum is a small museum, opening from… Read More »Manhattan Museum Asia Society

Albany Travel Guide

Albany is the seat of Albany County and the capital of New York State as well as home to several centers of higher learning including the University at Albany, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Science, and Sage College. The state capital is located on the west bank of the Hudson River and about 150… Read More »Albany Travel Guide

Queens Attractions Chinatown

Attractions Chinatown Flushing was once an Italian and Greek neighborhood in Queens until Asian immigrants settled in the area beginning in the 1970s. Today Flushing is home to a large Chinese followed by the Korean community. Other Asian communities in the neighborhood include Vietnamese, Indians, and Pakistanis. There is also a significant population of Hispanics. With a large Asian population,… Read More »Queens Attractions Chinatown

Staten Island Beaches

Beaches The beaches of Staten Island are far away in comparison from the tropical beaches of the Caribbean or South Pacific. Then again, the beaches on the island are pleasant enough to offer a great escape from the noise and traffic of New York City. Staten Island features several sandy beaches and in summer never… Read More »Staten Island Beaches

Brooklyn Museum Guide

Explore the Brooklyn Museum, which was founded in 1820 and houses art from Africa, the Islamic world, and more. You can wander at your leisure or join a tour with friends or family members. In addition to viewing artwork, you will find souvenir items for purchase in the gift shop. The Brooklyn Museum is known… Read More »Brooklyn Museum Guide

Bronx Attractions Walk Fame

Most would have heard of the Hollywood Walk of Fame but New York City has its own Bronx Walk of Fame, located along the famous Grand Concourse starting at East 161st. The borough’s Walk of Fame honors well-known men and women from the Bronx, in recognition of their exceptional achievements. Honored inductees have their names… Read More »Bronx Attractions Walk Fame

Queens Attractions Little India

Many South Asians living in New York City make their homes in the Queens neighborhood of Jackson Heights. There is a large concentration of South Asians here, although other ethnic communities including Hispanics and East Asians also live in this neighborhood. Most of the South Asians residing here are Indians followed by Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and a fewer number… Read More »Queens Attractions Little India