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The Bronx, New York City 

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Little Italy

   Many New Yorkers may have never of Little Italy in the Bronx and let alone tourists, who would be more familiar with Manhattan’s Little Italy. Little Italy in the Bronx is located within the Belmont neighborhood along Arthur Avenue between 183rd and 189th Streets. While Little Italy in Manhattan is touristy, Little Italy in the Bronx is a working class neighborhood and you cannot help notice its distinct Italian character. While Little Italy in Manhattan is shrinking in size (engulfed by Chinatown), Little Italy here is still going strong. To top it up, the Italian Ferragosto Festival in September is a lively street festival offering plenty of dance, music, and food. 

Little Italy in the Bronx, New York City

Little Italy in the Bronx by Tony Fischer Italian Americans own the majority of the businesses here and though other ethnic groups have crept in, the Italian character of Little Italy remains. Shops here are generally “mom and pop” stores selling homemade Italian pasta, bakeries and pastries, cheeses, meat products, seafood, and a host of other Italian food items. Many have been in business here and operated by the same family for several generations. A beloved attraction is the Arthur Avenue Retail Market, an indoor market with more than a dozen shops including bread stores, butchers, pastry shops, pasta makers, and gourmet shops.

Indoor market in Little Italy, Bronx (New York City)

Indoor market in Little Italy by Ron Kiley

You will not find many American-style fast food restaurants in this part of New York City. Little Italy in this part of the Bronx is the best place in the city for authentic Italian foods – there are plenty of choices including Italian restaurants, cafes, delis, bakeries, and gourmet shops. Furthermore, this Italian enclave is gaining attention as a culinary destination for Italian dining in New York City. Prices are also down to earth compared to eating out in Manhattan’s Little Italy, which often charge tourist prices.

Location: Arthur Avenue between 183rd and 189th Streets.

Website: Bronx Little Italy

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