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Bronx Attractions Walk Fame

Most would have heard of the Hollywood Walk of Fame but New York City has its own Bronx Walk of Fame, located along the famous Grand Concourse starting at East 161st.

The borough’s Walk of Fame honors well-known men and women from the Bronx, in recognition of their exceptional achievements. Honored inductees have their names written on a plaque and placed on the Grand Concourse, which is the highest honor bestowed on a resident or former resident of the Bronx.

The Bronx Walk of Fame, which originated in 1997 under the brainchild of then-Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer, is a way to honor people with ties to the borough who have made significant impacts within their chosen professions. These inductees unveil street signs bearing their names along the Grand Concourse. Three or four celebrities and unsung heroes are honored each year with induction into this prestigious group

Bronx Walk of Fame, located along the famous Grand Concourse – Courtesy of siddarth_hanumanthu, Creative Commons

Grand Concourse from 165th Street by Jim HendersonEach year during Bronx Week, the Bronx’s borough president invites and honors new inductees into the Bronx Walk of Fame. Inductees include singers, actors, writers, athletes, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and notable public figures.

Famous people inducted include filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, singer Tony Orlando, actress Diahann Carroll, comedian Red Buttons, and basketball player Ed Pinckney. A famous U.S. military general and former Secretary of State from the Bronx honored here is Colin Powel.

The Bronx Walk of Fame currently spans from East 138th Street and the Grand Concourse and ends at East 161st Street, in the shadow of Yankee Stadium. Plans to redesign it will take place at 149th street with plans to extend it all the way up to 167th street just north of The Bronx Museum for Arts.

Location: Grand Concourse starting from East 161st Street.,-73.9226456540283&key=AIzaSyARNP6PBrYdKNmsYf09tU8jRnffQb-sFQg

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