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Brooklyn Attraction Jacques Torres Chocolates

Jacques Torres Chocolates 

Jacques Torres is a renowned pastry chef who later ventured and established himself as master chocolatier with his tempting chocolate creations. Today Jacques Torres has several chocolate shops and factories in New York City including Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood at Water Street. The chocolate shop and factory in DUMBO is not popular with the locals but also other New Yorkers and visitors for a taste of tempting chocolate delights. 

At Jacques Torres' chocolate factory, Brooklyn (New York City)

At Jacques Torres’ chocolate factory by killrbeez

Jacques Torres Chocolates is the ultimate destination for quality chocolates in Brooklyn and once inside the shop, you can smell the fresh chocolate aroma. Creations at Jacques Torres are beyond the assortment of chocolate bobons and bars but also include chocolate beverages, sauces, peppermints, cookies, and brownie mixes to name a few. There is a small factory beside the shop and you can watch the chocolate making behind the window inside the store and from the street. Occasionally, Jacques Torres himself visits the factory and can be seen personally making the chocolates.

Tempting chocolates by Jacques Torres, Brooklyn (New York City)

Tempting chocolates by Jacques Torres by John Hritz

Jacques Torres also has another shop besides the chocolate shop serving gourmet ice cream. There is an assortment of ice cream here served in cones, waffles, and ice cream sandwiches. Flavors include strawberry, chocolate raspberry, chocolate banana, white chocolate, and vanilla rum caramel to name a few. Other temptations include sorbets in a variety of flavors including raspberry, mango, and banana. There are cafe tables for customers preferring to immediately indulge in their temptations.

Location: 66 Water Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York, NY 11201

Website: Jacques Torres Chocolates

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