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Brooklyn Eats Chinatown

Sunset Park is a neighborhood in Brooklyn with a third of the residents being of Chinese ancestry. Along Eighth Avenue between 50th and 60th Streets in Sunset Park is Brooklyn’s Chinatown. Chinatown here may not be as large as Manhattan’s Chinatown or Chinatown in Queens but nevertheless is the heart of the Chinese community in Brooklyn. Like the other Chinatowns in New York City,  there are plenty of options for Chinese foods in Brooklyn’s Chinatown ranging from street foods to dim sum restaurants.

 Outside a Chinese restaurant in Sunset Park, Brooklyn (New York City)

 Outside a Chinese restaurant in Sunset Park by Jason Lam

The neighborhood’s Chinese eateries are dominated by Cantonese and Fujian style of cooking. Cantonese cooking is the most common throughout the world and tend to be light and fresh tasting. Fujian cooking is sweet and slightly spiced with fresh seafood being a specialty. Nevertheless, Dim Sum with meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes served in small portions is popular here. A popular Dim Sum restaurant is the Chinese Ocean Restaurant at 5606 Eighth Avenue. The Eighth Avenue Seafood Restaurant at 4418 along the same avenue is a popular destination for seafood.

Chinese bakery in Brooklyn's Chinatown (New York City)

Chinese bakery in Brooklyn’s Chinatown by Jason Lam

Chinese restaurants dominate Eighth Avenue but there are the sprinkle of other Asian restaurants including Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Thai. Vietnamese restaurants include Ba Xuyen, Gia Lam Villa, Thanh Da, and An Dong. Popular Vietnamese dishes include Banh Tam Cari (rice noodles with chicken curry), Mi Xao Don (deep fried egg noodles), and Bo Bia (spring rolls). Malaysian restaurants include Nyonya, Redang Island, and Belachan offering a typically Malaysian blend of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cooking. The Mai Thai Restaurant is a popular destination for hot and spicy Thai cuisines.

Inside a Fujian restaurant in Sunset Park

Inside a Fujian restaurant in Sunset Park by scaredy kat

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