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Buffalo Attractions Buffalo Zoo

Buffalo Zoo

Buffalo Zoo was founded in 1875 and was one of the first zoos in the United States and the third oldest in the country. The zoo is located in Buffalo’s Delaware Park covering 23.5 acres (10 hectares) and home to a diverse collection of wild and exotic animals as well as more than 320 different species of plants. Buffalo Zoo also serves as a source of conservation, education, and recreation for Western New York. Though considered a small zoo, it is a popular attraction in Buffalo attracting about 400,000 visitors each year.

Rhino at Buffalo Zoo, New York State

Rhinoceros at Buffalo Zoo by Dave Pape
The zoo houses some of the world’s most exotic animals from across the globe including endangered species and even local wildlife. Some of the animals are allowed to roam freely on the walkways, giving visitors opportunities for closer views of the creatures.
Other animals move freely in enclosures simulating their natural environment such as trees, streams, and pools.

  • Mammals include wild animals such as the Siberian tiger, Asian elephant, rock hyrax, and pigmy zebu
  • Reptiles include the Egyptian spiny-tailed lizard, pancake tortoise, limbless lizard, and American alligator.
  • Amphibians include the tomato frog, Puerto Rican crested toad, and several species of poison arrow frogs.
  • Birds include cinereous vultures, plantain eaters, and waterfowls such as the tufted teal and smew.
  • There is also a collection of invertebrates from around the world including the giant Brazilian cockroaches.
Zebra at Bufalo Zoo, New York State

Zebra at Buffalo Zoo by Tjcase2
Location: 300 Parkside Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14214-1999

Website: Buffalo Zoo

Tel: 716-837-3900

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