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Manhattan Attraction Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo is a small five-acre (two hectares) zoo located within New York City’s Central Park in Uptown Manhattan. The zoo is home to more than 130 species of animals and actively involved in conservation of endangered species. Managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society, Central Park Zoo opens seven days a week throughout the year. Being a small zoo, a two-hour tour of the zoo is more than sufficient for most visitors.

Seal at Central Park Zoo, New York City

Seal at Central Park Zoo by stignygaard

Central Park Zoo is arranged in a circle with the sea lion pool situated in the center of the zoo. The exhibits comprises of animals from the tropical, temperate, and polar regions. Animals from the polar region include polar bears, seals, and penguins. Animals from the temperate region include sea lions, pandas, geese, and snow leopards. From the tropical region, there are amphibians, reptiles, bats, and lemurs.

Polar bear at Central Park Zoo, New York City

Polar bear at Central Park Zoo by stignygaard

The Tisch Children’s Zoo is located across 65th Street from Central Park Zoo. Tickets purchased to enter Central Park Zoo also entitles visitors to enter the Children’s Zoo. Many of the animals here are tame offering plenty of opportunities for petting as well as feeding. Animals include farm animals such as cows, goats, sheep, and alpacas. Others include rabbits, turtles, peacocks, ducks, and waterfowl.

Location: 64th Street and Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10021 (within Central Park)

WebsiteCentral Park Zoo

Tel (ticketing): 718-220-5188 or 718-220-5089 

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