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Manhattan Museum Asia Society

Asia Society Museum

The Asia Society Museum in New York City  belongs to the Asia Society, a non-profit organization devoted to educating the world about Asian culture, society, and major events. The museum opened in 2001 and located at the Asia Society’s headquarters in Uptown Manhattan. The Asia Society Museum is a small museum, opening from Tuesdays to Sundays and closed on Mondays and major public holidays.

Asia Society in Manhattan

Asia Society in Manhattan by Jim Henderson

Exhibits are from the diverse regions of Asia including the Far East, Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia. Exhibits include artifacts from Asia’s ancient to modern era such as artworks, statues, pottery, ceramics, ornaments, and religious icons. Many of the exhibits are from the Rockefeller collection of Asian art as well as on loan from from several Asian countries including China, Japan, and India.

Asia Society

Asia Society by Headcases

The Asia Society Museum regularly screens documentaries on Asia as well as fictional films from several Asian countries. Many of the films explore Asian history, culture, life, and challenges. The Garden Court Cafe, located at the lobby, is more than just a place to enjoy Asian foods but also serves as an informal venue for special events such as performances and discussions.

Location: 725 Park Avenue at 70th Street, New York,
NY 10021

Website: Asia Society Museum

Tel (inquiry): 212-288-6400

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