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Niagara Falls Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls 

Among the three waterfalls comprising the Niagara Falls, Bridal Veil Falls is the smallest. Bridal Veil Falls (once known as Luna Falls and Iris Falls) is situated between the northern tip of Goat Island and the smaller Luna Island, which separates Bridal Veil Falls from the larger American Falls. The crest of the Bridal Veil Falls measures only 56 feet (17 meters) wide compared to the Horseshoe Falls at 2,201 feet (671 meters) and American Falls 830 feet (250 meters). However, the Bridal Veil Falls has a much higher vertical drop at 181 feet (55 meters).

Bridal Veil Falls, Niagara Falls (New York State)

Bridal Veil Falls (right) and Maid of the Midst by Eheik
Bridal Veil Falls is best viewed from Luna Island and accessible from Goat Island by crossing a small pedestrian bridge. The view of the water flowing and plunging down onto the boulders and rock debris below is breathtaking. The plunging water eventually flows into the Niagara River with the depth of the river increasing as the water flows further away. Another view of Bridal Veil Falls is to take an elevator down the cliff of Goat Island to get the Cave of the Winds. From here, visitors can to walk to the base for a closer and exhilarating view.

Looking up at Bridal Veil Falls, Niagara Falls (New York State)

Looking up at Bridal Veil Falls (right) by Steve Moses

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