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Niagara Falls Eats Restaurants

Eating Out in Niagara Falls
There are a variety of restaurants and foods in Niagara Falls offering varying dining atmosphere and satisfying various taste buds. Dining establishments here generally range from the budget to mid-priced restaurants including fast foods (family-owned, regional, and national chains), cafes, buffets, casual, and family restaurants. To splurge, you can find a sprinkle of fine dining restaurants mainly in the city’s 4-5 star hotels. A popular dining destination is in the city’s downtown area, especially along Third Street, Fourth Street, Niagara Falls Boulevard, and Rainbow Boulevard.
Niagara Falls State Park
The Top of the Falls Restaurant is a landmark restaurant on Goat Island, offering a fantastic dining experience with a splendid view of the Horseshoe Falls. Patrons have the option of dining outdoors on the decks or indoor and view the Falls through a large glass window. The Cave of the Winds Snack Bar is also located on Goat Island, and snacks served include hearty grilled sandwiches, pizzas, fries, and ice cream. The Prospect Point Cafe, Prospect Point Grill, and Prospect Point Coffee and Ice Cream Shop at the Niagara Falls State Park’s Visitor Center offer light fares and snacks including sandwiches, pizzas, ice cream, and hot and cold beverages.

Niagara Falls State Park, New York State

Niagara Falls State Park by Steve Moses

Ethnic Dining
Expect to find American including regional dishes at the fast foods, restaurant chains, and cafes. Beyond the American menu, there are no shortages of ethnic fares with Italian restaurants and pizzerias being very common in the city. For a taste of Little Italy, travel along Pine Avenue, where you can find many Italian restaurants, pizzerias, and bakeries. For Asian fares, Indian and Chinese restaurants are the most common in Niagara Falls with many found in the downtown area and affordable. Other ethnic dining includes Latin American, East European, Mediterranean, Japanese, and Korean.

Little Italy in Niagara Falls, New York State

Little Italy in Niagara Falls by Doug Kerr

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