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Queens Attractions Chinatown



Flushing was once an Italian and Greek neighborhood in Queens until Asian immigrants settled in the area beginning in the 1970s.

Today Flushing is home to a large Chinese followed by the Korean community. Other Asian communities in the neighborhood include Vietnamese, Indians, and Pakistanis.

There is also a significant population of Hispanics. With a large Asian population, the area of Flushing around Union Street, Main Street, and Roosevelt Avenue has flourished into the center of Asian life known as Chinatown.

Chinatown in Flushing neighborhood by Aimee castell Chinatown in Queens is the second-largest Chinese enclave in New York City, after Manhattan but larger than Chinatown in Brooklyn.

Like the rest of the Chinatowns in New York City, it has a very East Asian atmosphere and visitors may think they are along the streets of Hong Kong or somewhere in Beijing, Taipei, or Seoul. This Asian enclave is a lively and colorful area of Flushing and should be on the list of visits to New York City.

Asian-owned (mainly Chinese and Koreans) businesses occupy many of the premises in Chinatown. There are Asian supermarkets, grocery stores, bakeries, and shops in Chinatown.

This is the place to find herbs, ginseng, spicy kimchee, dried noodles, arts and crafts, music CDs, and movie DVDs sourced from various corners of East Asia.

Chinatown gets crowded during the weekends with shoppers shopping for Asian food items and families searching for a meal at the local restaurants and takeaways.

Chinese herbs in Chinatown by larry 

You will never go hungry in this neighborhood of Flushing. When eating out in Flushing, Chinatown offers countless numbers of Chinese and Korean restaurants.

Popular eateries are the restaurants serving Dim Sum and cheap noodle dishes, but the area offers more than this. The Golden Shopping Mall is not really a shopping mall but comprises narrow corridors cramped by small eateries.

Location: Around Union Street, Main Street, and Roosevelt Avenue in the Flushing neighborhood. Near Main Street Subway Station.

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