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Queens Attractions Little India

Many South Asians living in New York City make their homes in the Queens neighborhood of Jackson Heights. There is a large concentration of South Asians here, although other ethnic communities including Hispanics and East Asians also live in this neighborhood.

Most of the South Asians residing here are Indians followed by Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and a fewer number of Sri Lankans and Nepalese. Within Jackson Heights is the enclave of Little India, situated along 74th Street between 37th Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue, and the surrounding area.

This is the heart of the South Asian community in New York City with many South Asian businesses concentrated here. Like the three Chinatowns in the city, Little India is another lively and colorful neighborhood of Queens. While the city’s Chinatowns have an East Asian flavor, Little India has a South Asian flavor.

Little India in Jackson Heights, Queens (New York City)

Restaurant in Little India by Paul Lowry It is hard to miss Little India with its mainly Indian shops and eateries. Walking along the streets, you can still see many Indian women still wearing traditional saris, Muslim women wearing burkhas, and Sikh men wearing turbans.

Visitors will also find temples belonging to the Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist faiths as well as mosques used by worshiping Muslims. Little India makes a great place for people-watching, strolling, and enjoying the lively atmosphere of the area.

Sikh men in Queens, New York City

Sikh men wearing their turbans by Caitlin Regan Little India is a paradise for South Asian foods. The tandoori and curry dishes served at the restaurants and takeaways here are authentically South Asian. Since many Hindus are vegetarians, there are several Indian vegetarian restaurants in Little India.

There are also shops selling traditional Indian sweets that can add an extra inch to your waist. Then there are the South Asian stores including supermarkets, grocery stores, and shops selling Indian saris, jewelry, handcrafted furniture, and the latest music and videos from Bollywood. 

Location: Along 74th Street between 37th Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue. Near Roosevelt Avenue Subway Station.,-73.8918248302246&key=AIzaSyARNP6PBrYdKNmsYf09tU8jRnffQb-sFQg 

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