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Staten Island Attractions Historic Richmond Town

Historic Richmond Town

   Historic Richmond Town is a living museum covering 25 acres (10 ha), situated at the junction of Richmond Road and Arthur Kill Road in the center of Staten Island. It is home to 30 original historic buildings constructed from the late 17th to early 20th century. Established in 1958, Historic Richmond Town is a joint project between the Staten Island Historical Society and City of New York, which owns the land and buildings. Visitors can take a guided tour to many of the buildings, restored and furnished to the period of interpretation.

Historic Richmond Town, Staten Island (New York City)

Kreischer House by Jim HendersonBuildings include a 300-year old schoolhouse, civic buildings, shops, and homes. The 1695 Voorlezer’s House is the oldest building here as well as the oldest standing elementary school in the United States. The Stephens-Black House is a 19th century wooden house designed in the modified Greek Revival style. Britton Cottage is a stone brick home with the oldest section dating back to 1671 with additions dating to the mid-19th century. The original sections of Treasure House dates around 1700 with additions dating to 1740, 1790 and 1860.

Historic Richmond Town, Staten Island (New York City)

Colonial House by GK tramrunner

The early residents of Richmond Town were mainly of Dutch, English, and French descent. They worked as blacksmiths, shoemakers, leathermakers, farmers, millers, and tradesmen. You can still visit the shops where the blacksmith and shoemakers once worked. There are scheduled demonstrations showing how early Americans conducted their chores without the conveniences of modern technology. There is also a working farm (one of the oldest in New York City) and weekly musical performances at the candle-lit Guyon Tavern.

Location: 441 Clarke Avenue, Staten Island, New York, NY 10306

Website: Historic Richmond TownTel: 718-351-1611

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