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Staten Island Beaches


The beaches of Staten Island are far away in comparison from the tropical beaches of the Caribbean or South Pacific. Then again, the beaches on the island are pleasant enough to offer a great escape from the noise and traffic of New York City.

Staten Island features several sandy beaches and in summer never gets overly crowded like Orchard Beach in the Bronx or Coney Island in Brooklyn. In fact, Staten Island has some of the better beaches in New York City and most are clean and well maintained.

Beach on Staten Island, New York City

Beach on Staten Island by Fiveoceandrive

On the top of the list is South Beach, a long stretch on Staten Island’s East Shore. It is the most popular beach on the island and features a long boardwalk, popular with strollers and joggers. 

Midland Beach is actually a continuation of South Beach with the only difference being relatively less crowded. Cedar Grove Beach is the main beach in Great Kills Park, and a charming destination with a scenic view of the bay area. Wolfe’s Pond Beach in Wolfe’s Pond Park may be a short beach but away from the summer crowd.

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